How to configure 5.1 audio speakers in windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10 ?


Configuring for 5.1 channel in windows operating system after connecting to home theater is very important to receive 5.1 surround output to your audio receiver,

else you still get a stereo output from PC or laptop

PS : (not all laptops support 5.1 output by default.Read this article to use 5.1 output from laptop  and fail to fully utilize the capabilities of your home theater.

To produce 5.1 output from PC, your sound card must be configured to output 5.1 surround signal.

Prerequisites : first make sure your sound card has 5.1 support and latest drivers installed  on your PC

and all cords and wires are properly attached to your  PC and home theater receiver

Step 1

Move to the right bottom corner and right-click on the speaker icon.

Then click on playback devices.


Step 2

After clicking  playback devices you get a new window called ‘Sound’ like below


Choose your playback device that supports 5.1 channel output.

PS : Device Names may change according to your soundcard.

In this tutorial, I’m using an external USB soundcard which supports Multi-Channel audio output.

After selecting your appropriate soundcard  click Set Default button and  then click Configure button

Step 3

Clicking configure button opens a new window called ‘Speaker Setup’


Select  5.1 surround and click next  (Click test if you want to test all channels)

Step 4

Select your optional speakers in next window and click Next


Step 5

Now select your full – range speakers


Step 6

You get a configuration complete dialog box if everything went right

Now click Finish


Click OK on parent ‘sound’ window

PS : Always make sure your configured device as Default device (Set default)